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Next to Normal, Diana/Natalie, "Wrong"

Title: Wrong
Fandom: Next To Normal (because, seriously, there isn't enough of it.)
Pairing: Diana/Natalie
Rating: R, for minor sexytimes.
Summary: "It's just... I'm old enough to be your mother. In fact, I am your mother"
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, or Next To Normal. At all.
WARNING! This story contains consensual incest and consensual sex between two women. You have been warned.
In fact, I *am* your mother...Collapse )

O, sweet Mother!

O, sweet Mother!
What dare you say?
Say that you have tried?
This is you, you trying!
Say that it's not your fault?
Then, pray tell, whose?
You, who raised me alone!
Who else is to blame?

O, pure Mother!
Possessing all this knowledge,
Yet you bumble about like a child!
An ignorant child!
Raising you has been a pain,
A stabbing in my heart!

O, martyred Mother!
How am I to you?
Am I another spear in your side?
You who are crucified,
Weighed down by your endless
Is that all I am?

How dare you?
Sweet, pure, martyr!
You have no right.

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Back from the abyss!

Hello, there!

Whoever is left that even bothers to read my journal anymore, I am back! :D

I don't actually have anything to say except that I'm back, so I'm gonna go clean.

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Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

That was close.

Mama, I'm a big girl now.

Just got back from seeing the Hairspray tour at UWP (University of Wisconsin Platteville). Needless to say, it rocked. Amber Rees, who plays Penny, was hilarious. The whole cast was brilliant. I met up with Mrs. Hassig (my music teacher) and she gave me my ticket and I went right to sit down, because I was ten minutes late. It was a freaking great time. And, at the end, the audience gave the cast a standing ovation.

That's pretty much it for now, Um. Bye.


Viva Los- Alex?

So, I was thinking of writing a Law and Order: SVU fic, set when Alex was in Witness protection, In which Alex is some sort of risque showgirl in Vegas. Olivia, back in NYC is convinced by friends to take a vacation to-you guessed it- Las vegas.



Vote Joy!

 Please do this for survivors of assault, and for me. It'll take less than five minutes, it's free, and it's for a good cause!


Vote for The Joyful Heart Foundation right now!



(I'll keep saying it if I have to.)




My Regina Phalanges page.

Go there and join.


Thank you!

P.S. if you wanna add me on FB, go ahead.

Come what may...

Today, I made a deal with my mother that, if I can get 250,000 people to join a Facebook group for it, she will pay for me to get my name changed to Regina (Equality Love Train) Phalanges. Equality Love Train thrown in for good measure. So, expect the campaign to start on here next week.

I will be Regina Phalanges, or, so help me, I will know why.

All aboard the love train

So, I've decided to turn my life around. Instead of being all depressed and hanging over the past, I've let it go. I'm getting a new lease on life, and I haven't felt this good in years.

I think this happiness thing is gonna work out. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I read this last night and decided to follow the example, just to see how it worked out, my mother told me the Love Train was a genius idea, and decided to "get on" it with me. I'll post a link to the page, if you want to check it out, f-list peoples. It's actually pretty cool.


Okay, that's all. Bye now!